Ductless Heating Systems Columbia SC

Ductless, commonly called a mini split-system heaters or mini splits, give huge potential benefits for heating institutional, residential, and commercial type buildings. Ductless systems are often used as add-ons for homes with non-ducted types of heating systems, such as space heaters and hot water heaters. These ductless systems are a perfect option for heating small apartments and room add-ons, where extending or installing ductwork is not practicable.

Mini split-system

Similar to central air heating systems, mini split heater systems have two main components: an outdoor compressor/condenser and an indoor air-handling unit, a conduit that houses power cables, tubing, suction tubing, and a condensate drain that links the indoor and outdoor heating units together.

ductless heating system advantages

Some specific advantages to using mini splits or "ductless systems" are flexibility for heating individual rooms and their small size. Most types of ductless systems can have up to four indoor handling units connecting to just one outdoor unit. This number is determined by your heating needs for the area or by the size of each individual room. Each individual room will have its very own thermostat, allowing you to only have that unit running the heat when that particular room is being used, therefore saving on your energy costs for heating.

Ductless heaters

Ductless heaters are much easier to have installed compared to other types of central air heating systems. For instance, the connection between the outdoor and indoor units normally require only three inch hole cut into the wall. In addition, most all ductless heating system manufacturers will provide a large selection of preset lengths for conduit connections. So, if the indoor evaporator is as far as 40ft away from your outdoor heating unit, there will be no problem connecting them together. This makes it practical to heat the front side of your house while having the compressor placed in an area that is hidden from view.